Dichroic is glass which was originally developed by NASA and its
contractors for use in satellite optics and spacesuite visors.

It contains a multiple micro-layer of metal oxides which gives the glass
dichroic its many colors when viewed in different angles.

Dichroic needs to be cut with a glass cutter that is properly lubricated, and
fused to give it a finished look. It can also be drilled, sawed, wirewrapped,
channeled, (which means that has special paper sandwiched between layers
of glass to give it a channel opening), such as pendants that i used im my
jewelry. it also can be painted with special paint, and it can also be etched
and sandblasted.

Now available for artists(s) such as myself where i can utilize my creativity.

Most of my jewelry is made with dichroic glass.
Here is an example of a
channgeled pendant ready
for a chain. I added the
dichroic piece right on top
of regular black fused glass
to give it this look.